Get Fit at Home - Ten Easy Ways!

By Walter Derksen

Getting fit at home is what we all can do and probably something most of us have thought about at one time or another. People are busy, and the biggest complaint from folks that don't work out is that they don't have the time to exercise. Those people need to realize that those who workout are just as busy but still find the time to do it. Check out these 10 ways to incorporate 30 minutes of fitness into a very busy daily schedule.

 1. Schedule your workouts and stick to it. It's just like keeping appointments and vacations, so why not with your workouts?

 2. Remember that play park you went to as a kid? Well do it again now as an adult. Run to the park and play on every apparatus there is. Use every second to burn calories. Ruin, jump, swing and use the bars to get up a good sweat. You'll realize this is hard work but a lot of fun.

 3. Salsa dancing. Take your spouse or significant other dancing a couple of times a week and dance for 30 minutes. 30 minutes just flies by and before you know it you have been dancing for two hours. This can be a great workout and really make you sweat.

 4. Get fit at home when watching commercials by doing pushups, squats or running on the spot. You can try skipping or some core exercises.

 5. When ever you walk (even if going nowhere), walk fast. Get your heart rate up to burn calories, lose weight and get fit all at once. Get a fast pace going so you work up a good sweat.

 6. Try playing with your kids (really play with them), like when they are running you should do the same. Jump when they jump and when they are tired you can use them as weights to lift up like barbells. You will be toned in know time as well as fit, because keeping up with your kids really is a struggle for you.

 7. Use chores around the house to get fit at home. Choose physical tasks that take an hour to do. Now challenge yourself by adding to that number and then finishing the task in half the time. Do as many as possible, as fast as possible, be efficient and work up a good sweat.

8. Rent a good comedians DVD and laugh hard. You will burn calories the more you laugh. We all want to laugh until our stomach aches, right?

 9. Hit the bag - use your boxing techniques to pound on that heavy bag. You can burn a lot of calories in 30 minutes, and if you don't have a bag just pretend you do. It's fun.

 10. Take you dog for a walk, I mean let him take you for a run. Put the leash on your dog and let them run while you do your best to keep up.