7 Reasons Austin, Texas Is A Great Place To Live

By Ashley Richmond

Austin, Texas is a city that has been creating a lot of buzz lately. Once upon a time it was under the shadow of the lone star states bigger cities like Houston and Dallas, but Austin has really made a name for itself with its quirky and unique personality. Weather it's the vintage stores, extremely sunny weather, amazing Tex-Mex food or perhaps its pulsating music scene there are so many reason to fall in love with Austin, Texas. Here are a few reasons why you should consider moving to Austin!
1. In Austin tacos will become on of your basic food groups. Literally everything from your morning eggs to your strawberry dessert is going to now be coming to you in a small soft corn delivery system.
2. It is the live music capitol of the world. On a random Monday night Austin boasts that they have at least 30 live concerts and come the weekend it seems like you would have to stay alone in your apartment with a pillow over your head to not hear some live jams. Music events like SXSW have made a yearly pilgrimage to this city a must do for music enthusiasts everywhere.
3. This is a bike friendly city so get ready to explore downtown on one of Austin's every expanding bikes lanes. Think of how much you will be saving each year on gas! Also this will help you to burn off all those tacos and queso you will surely be eating!
4. You will be living in an entrepreneur's paradise. Austin is a city that really promotes the American spirits of being your own boss. Unlike other cities, it is a lot easier to get a business license and there is no personal state income tax.
5. Affordable housing means you can live like a king, well sort of. Austin has a considerably lower cost of living than most other metropolitan cities that are this jam-packed with art and culture.
6. They are completely batty here in Austin. I am not referring only to the slogan "Keep Austin Weird" but to the fact that it is home to a shocking amount of bats. The Congress Avenue Bridge is home to 1.5 million bats during March-November. This is the largest urban bat population in the world and in Austin it is definitely a 'thing' to watch them fly off into the night to eat an estimated 20,000 pounds of insects every night!
7. If all these other fun facts didn't excite you and make you want to move to Austin, Forbes magazine listed it as the 4th most secure city to live in America. This takes into account crime, job opportunities, housing prices and life expectancy!
If you want to call Austin home, put on your best boots that are made for walking and get moving to this lovely little jewel in the heart of Texas.